Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Responsive Web Design

Nowadays the development of internet access technology is so rapid. Various kinds of gadgets all support internet access. This makes it easier for people to connect to the internet network. As we know, almost everyone has a favorite gadget, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet. Now seeing the phenomenon of internet access through these various platforms, web designers are thinking of providing adequate support, in the form of website designs that can adapt to various platforms. So the website doesn’t only look neat when it’s open on a computer screen, but it’s neat when it’s opened via a mobile gadget.

To ensure the appearance of the website looks neat on computers, smartphones and tablets, web designers design the web using responsive web design (RWD) techniques.

Something we use must have advantages and disadvantages. as well as using this responsive web design technique. There must be advantages and disadvantages when using it. and all that we will discuss through the review below:

Advantages of Using Responsive Web Design

  • Neat and comfortable to read

If the web is not responsive, web users via smartphones will be preoccupied with web shift to right to left to see the display as a whole. Instead with a responsive web, no need to slide right and left can see the web well.

Responsive design also helps modern websites for modern users, now we can see that many internet users use cellphones or tablets. for those of you who have not implemented the website to be responsive, please make a decision to make your page responsive. If you are confused about seeking services for that you can visit the LinkHelpers Web Design. this is the most effective way to make the most of the traffic from cellphone and tablet users and this also offers the best user experience.

  • Google Loves Responsive Web Design

Google not only recommends RWD (responsive web designer), it can also target users for mobile phones, besides that Google will also easily present search results that are done on mobile devices. especially when cellphone users search for local services.

  • Cost-effective

Responsive web design is slightly more expensive than ordinary web. But if you want to maximize the look of your website for 3 design versions (PC version, tablet version, smartphone version) of course this costs a lot of time and money.

Disadvantages of Using Responsive Web Design

  • Slow access.

A single website / one page website will load all elements, including images, on each device. Please check this resource to handle images in responsive design.

Maybe the image size or other will cause the website to slow. But, this can also be overcome by using the cache plugin if you use wordpress.

  • Can extend development time and upfront costs.

In our excess responsive web design points we will save time, but not for the initial stages. This will take a long time to build the structure.

If this is complete, then if there is a layout that is not appropriate this will speed up you to repair it without having to overhaul the code applied separately.

The key here is to have knowledge. Don’t just take a responsive project without knowing what to do.