The Right Way to Approach a Loan: Get All the Info

For a variety of purposes, many people need to take out loans at some points in their lives. Despite the number of individuals who procure loans, many of them do not get all the info and follow important advice before doing so.

Conduct Research

When individuals are in need of money, they are often quick to jump at the first opportunity presented to them or the first one for which they can receive approval. Before signing up for a particular loan, however, conducting research is imperative. For example, borrowers want to know if penalties exist in the event that they pay off the loan early. They should also check to see how much this loan will affect their credit scores.

Compare Interest Rates

People who are taking out loans might not remember to look at the big picture. They have to pay back the total amount of money that is … Read the rest

4 Tips for Penny Stock Traders

It’s easy to make a few dollars with stocks like Microsoft and Google, but to hit a real home run, day traders should consider turning to penny stocks. There are plenty of companies at less than three dollars per share, but to take advantage of those opportunities, a trader needs a plan. Here are several penny stock investment rules to follow.

Use a Limit Order on Every Trade

By nature, penny stocks are thinly traded. Therefore, the gap between bid and ask can be significant. Investors using market orders can be easily manipulated by those looking to dump stocks and make fast cash. When a day trader uses a limit order, it allows them to trade penny stocks on their own terms.

Don’t Follow Performance

One of the biggest mistakes day traders make is to chase performance. For unknown reasons, many investors only buy stocks after they move higher. However, … Read the rest