Advantages of playing the lottery online

The internet has become an important governing element in our lives. Banking or paying taxes online is now passé; lottery enthusiasts are now logging on to the web to play international lottery prizes worth billions of dollars. As opposed to walking with a paper ticket in hand to the office of the lottery agent, playing online has its own set of advantages that have made it increasingly popular. Some of them include:

  • A number of lotteries to select from: The biggest benefit of playing international lotteries through an online platform is that the participants get the opportunity to choose from a number of them including the Euro Millions, the Mega Millions, the US Power Ball and many more. With tickets of every lottery available online, customers just have to choose the game they wish to play and buy the ticket accordingly.

Many Indians log on to online platforms to … Read the rest

Hotel and Guest House Fire Door Safety

What are You Responsible For?

Under the Regulatory Reform – Fire Safety – Order (FSO) 2005, owners of Guest Houses and Hotels are responsible for the safety of their guests. Under the Fire Safety Order, these facilities should have a fire risk assessment and a designated responsible person who is liable for prosecution in case they fail to meet their duties. The FSO provides a specific reference to the state of fire doors, which lies within the scope of the responsibility mentioned above.

Regular prosecution cases, establishment owners who fail to comprehend their responsibilities, fatalities and injuries that are directly associated with improper fire door management continue to be witnessed even though the law has been in place for several years. Mixed-use structures, where residents and business establishments are under the same roof, such as residential flats located on top of a restaurant, are one of the specific areas of … Read the rest