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How HIE Consultancy Benefits Patients

The healthcare industry lags behind when it comes to the adoption of technology in the records departments. This does not marry with what is happening in other parts of the world. The business world has taken up technology so much that it is possible to track everything that concerns a company simply using information technology. But a visit to a doctor’s office still requires that you fill out paper work. This does not save you on your next visit, when you have to do it all over again. In case of emergencies, things can get complicated. This confusion an lead to situations where a patient does not receive the right treatment, making things worse.

There is a need for the fast adoption of technology. It is a good thing then that such plans are underway. There are nice incentives from the government that encourage medical communities to adopt programs that shall lead to the modernization of the medical data sharing framework, through computerization. This is what is commonly referred to as Health Information Exchange. The initiative aims to set up a system where doctors can share patient information in a manner that does not jeopardize the patient’s confidentiality. HIE is already making huge progress in the healthcare sector. You may have visited your family doctor, where they referred you to another specialist for a specific condition. They shall share your information with this specialist. This is what would make it easier for the specialist to attend to you and not put you in any danger of giving conflicting medications. It also saves so much time wasted in repeated tests.

HIE software is also applicable when it comes to clinical trials. There are many diseases in which clinical trials are a constant. With HIE software, the researchers now have a chance to take all the data and examine the results to make better conclusion from their studies and find solutions much faster. This also makes the issue of tracking an epidemic a more manageable prospect. History shows us the confusion that surrounded the discovery of HIV. The presence of HIE software would have resulted in a completely different outcome for humanity.

HIE software also preserves the identity of the patients whose data might be needed. Its design has considered the risk of data getting into the wrong hands, and has sealed such loopholes. The patients are also in charge of what gets sent out to the medical officers. This affects mostly their personal information. With the advent of leading consultants such as Advances in Management, HIE interoperability has become a reality.