How to apply for a work visa in Singapore if you are a foreigner


シンガポールで仕事 (Working in Singapore)is a gateway to secure excellent job opportunities, and it can help you in securing a professional life that you may never experience anywhere. Singapore is open to accepting international applicants for adding diversity to its workplace, and the companies based in Singapore are always on a hunt for international employees. However, one is required to have a work visa for furthering their career in Singapore.

First, they are required to use a search engine for jobs, like でシンガポールの転職活動に成功を (Good Jobs Creation), to find a job that meets their requirements instantly. Of course, one would be later applying for a work visa later so, they should get done with applying for the job before they apply for the visa. Next, they should wait for a confirmation call and interview call to accept their job offer.

Applying for a work visa as a foreigner:

Once a foreign applicant has finalized and accepted a job in Singapore—it should proceed to applying for a work visa to be able to travel to Singapore and start with the job. One is given a work permit based on its qualifications, and it is considerably easy to apply for a work visa for Singapore as opposed to other countries. Singapore is always open to welcoming foreign employees into its fold, so it should be easy for them to get the work pass within few days.

When applying for a job, an applicant would be required to submit non-refundable fees to proceed further with the application. If you resort to applying online then, it could take 7 working days to process the application; else, it could take up to 5 weeks for manual application. You will be provided with the following options to select from for your work visa:

Employment Pass: Employment pass is best recommended to foreign professionals employed at a top-management level and senior positions. It requires them to earn approximate earnings of SGD3, 300 on a monthly basis for becoming eligible for the work visa.

EntrePass: EntrePass is highly recommended to entrepreneurs in the making, who are willing to move to Singapore for furthering their career.

S Pass: The S Pass work visa is suitable for mid-level employees, and it requires them to generate up to SGD 2, 200 per month to acquire the pass. They should also take an assessment test for confirming their eligibility to score the work visa to work in Singapore.

Finding a job in a Singaporean market could be a harrowing experience, as the market is competitive, and it always wants to hire the best employees. Using シンガポールの求人なら実績の (Good Job Creations) help them to find a job of any foreigners instantly, and once they have been accepted for a job- they can apply for the work visa and make sure that their travelling requirements are met so they could travel and start working.