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How to Select the Best Men”s Cologne

It is undoubtedly true that the sense of smell isn’t strong in humans compared to other beings like animals but scents do exert an undeniable strong fascination. It is not something new to find men exploiting various sources of good scents as it has been that way ever since. There can be a lot of things that men do not like but cologne is not one of them. Perfumes are alluring and timeless products that often tell about the brand of a person. The market is full of different cologne for men and they keep changing. The range for cologne varieties is big and almost everybody can get his own. Not every cologne is the best hence you should follow this guide to select the best.

It is critical, to begin with testing the perfume first. Note that the same perfume may not smell the same on two different people because of factors like skin PH and body temperature that have effects on the scent. This makes it important that you test the cologne of various areas like the inside of the elbow where much heat is emitted. To be able to tell which is which while testing,’do not spray more than two perfumes as the human nose is limited to that number of scents for it to differentiate them well. To achieve the best results, start with applying the perfumes on a paper tester before trying it on the skin.

Once you have tried it by spraying on your skin, take your time to know how long the scent will last before you buy it. Several cologne have different day development and you should establish that too. There are three types of notes for perfumes. There is the top note which can be differentiated right away and the base notes which stays after the spraying. Unlike the sweet and floral women’s perfume, the men’s perfume is generally musky, green, woody, spicy and aquatic and one can easily distinguished the base note to be musk, amber and sandalwood.

There are many perfumes out there with various people using them but their choices shouldn’t influence your choice for any perfume. There are various perfumes that are very famous and intriguing, but most others are not for everyone. Ensure that your selection will match that of mature and confident men. There are also softer perfumes that can be used by younger men without them being too overpowering.

Ensure that you also consider the season of the year. There are specific perfumes that have the best scent or cold months and others that are best suitable for daytime and warmer months. There are time periods for all perfumes, with some lasting longer than the others. The ultimate way will be to try several perfumes and check how they vary during the day.

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On Fashions: My Rationale Explained