Supply for the Essential Options for Business Development

By integrating the social and environmental dimensions into the economic development of your business, you make a profitable choice that benefits all of society and ensures its sustainability.This section contains tips on sustainable development and a directory of useful tools for businesses. This includes, among other things, the financial and professional support you can receive, fact sheets, guides and awareness material.

Directory of tools in sustainable development

  • Government at your service
  • Benefits for your business

Undertaking a sustainable development approach means seeking, through your activities, not only financial, but also social and environmental performance. This approach is based on continuous improvement and communication. From continuitysa you will have the best options.

Access financing and obtain capital

By reducing the environmental impacts of your operations and creating a stimulating work environment, you strengthen your credibility and demonstrate good performance management in the eyes of investors.

Reduce your operating costs by optimizing Read the rest

Construction Robots Put To The Test For Reducing Worker Injury And Filling In Labor Shortages

Precision planning is an integral part of the construction industry. Highly detailed schedules, careful budgeting, and coordination of resources are imperative to the success of a job, whether it’s a private home or a massive skyscraper. It’s not always easy to achieve this when there are many unpredictable factors that affect building industries around the world.

There are short-term, somewhat predictable issues like poor weather and reduced daylight hours. There are also unexpected hindrances and more critical issues that can delay jobs for extended periods, such as lack of qualified workers and materials shortages.

To help alleviate issues for the industry, some companies have positioned themselves as problem-solvers, such as New York fastener manufacturer, and their construction fasteners delivery services, which are coordinated with a client’s building schedule to prevent common causes of job delays. While these options are highly advantageous, there are still other major concerns that the … Read the rest