Placing your property ahead of the competition

The property market has consumers nearly spoilt for choice, and with managers trying to garner attention, there’s much they have to do to remain relevant. Here we discuss ways that you can push your property into the forefront of their attention.

Employ the use of technology

Running a property has a lot of moving parts. Whether it is a rental of a hotel, there is much that one ought to do to remain on top of things. You could be dealing with an insurance lawyer about ventilation and another business for something broken in their space. Thankfully, technology has provided tools that one can use to stay on top of all aspects. With just a few keystrokes and clicks, you’re able to manage personnel to undertake various tasks that see to it everything is indeed taken care of.

Payoff: when aspects within a property are running seamlessly, tenants and guest will note and spread the word. Through referrals, you can always expect to have a full house of people looking to experience the joys of having a property owner that takes their needs seriously.

Employ digital media

Search engines have become the go-to place when people want to get a referral to a business. Therefore, it helps to be active in the digital sphere, sharing content and engaging with the audience. How you conduct yourself in this space is much a reflection of how you run your business and you, therefore, ought to give digital media the seriousness it deserves.

Payoff: persons that might have heard about your property from a third party will get a feel of what you have on offer and make the decision to partner with you in the appropriate capacity.

Share visuals

Images, whether photographs or videos, go a long way in helping a person decide to make a booking with you. You ought to, therefore, invest in the services of a professional photographer or videographer to capture your property in the best light. In the same way, capitalize on making your property photo-worthy where guests cannot resist taking photos and sharing with their networks.

Payoff: images give a fuller story as compared to words. They also offer clients the confidence to engage with you as they’ll deem your brand trustworthy. In this case, the saying what you see is what you get holds true.


Though somewhat misused nowadays, testimonies still hold water. Instead of just focusing on having them on the website, aim to encourage clients, past and present, to share feedback on your social channels. You can also collect testimonials of third-party sites that then act as a reference point for those who need an extra nudge to make a booking.

Payoff: Apart from collecting feedback, testimonials are useful in that they have people speaking on your behalf about your business. Just as with word of mouth, testimonials are a powerful persuasion tool.

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