Supply for the Essential Options for Business Development

By integrating the social and environmental dimensions into the economic development of your business, you make a profitable choice that benefits all of society and ensures its sustainability.This section contains tips on sustainable development and a directory of useful tools for businesses. This includes, among other things, the financial and professional support you can receive, fact sheets, guides and awareness material.

Directory of tools in sustainable development

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  • Benefits for your business

Undertaking a sustainable development approach means seeking, through your activities, not only financial, but also social and environmental performance. This approach is based on continuous improvement and communication. From continuitysa you will have the best options.

Access financing and obtain capital

By reducing the environmental impacts of your operations and creating a stimulating work environment, you strengthen your credibility and demonstrate good performance management in the eyes of investors.

Reduce your operating costs by optimizing the use of resources

By optimizing the use of raw materials and properly treating your waste, you can better manage your expenses and avoid paying twice for the purchase and rejection of the same resource. In evaluating their packaging procedures, companies have saved up to $ 10,000 annually on equipment purchase costs and reduced by 6,000 kg per year the amount of raw material thrown at the end of product life.

Consolidate and develop markets

Several major private owners or the Government of Quebec adopt procurement policies that favor the purchase of greener and socially responsible products.

Attract and retain labor

The cost of replacing an employee is approximately $ 3,500. Promoting the well-being of your employees helps reduce turnover and, as a result, replacement costs for your workforce. A good corporate image also facilitates the attraction of the workforce.

Maximize your production

By investing in measures that improve the quality of life at work, such as work-life balance or continuing education, you reduce the rate of absenteeism and increase your staff’s performance.


By integrating environmental criteria right from the design stage of a product, so-called eco-design, your company stands out in the market and can save on manufacturing, packaging and transportation costs.

Build customer loyalty

By displaying your sustainability results in a transparent and honest way, you strengthen your brand image with consumers. You also get a media exposure without having to pay the costs of an advertising promotion.

Improve your risk management

By applying a risk management strategy that includes managing the environmental impacts of your activities, implementing auditing mechanisms or developing contingency plans, your insurance premiums may decrease. In addition, by emphasizing a preventive approach, you will make substantial savings on the costs associated with crisis management.

  • To learn more about the benefits, visit Corporate Sustainability on the Ministry of Economy and Innovation website.
  • Too often, mistakes that could have been avoided turn a business with big potential into a loser.