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Iontophoresis Machine for Sweaty Hands

It is very embarrassing to have your hands sweat to the extent that you cannot carry out your duties as expected. Work requires people to use their hands which at times they are unable because of the sweaty palms. Conditions like sweating of the hands are not as a result of high temperature they are exposed to. The problem is caused by a condition of the body where there is an imbalance of the body nervous system. People with these conditions find it hard to hold pens in class, work with computers or carry out other essential tasks using their sweaty hands. People have discovered various ways of dealing with sweating of the hands and feet of people who are affected.

Many methods of dealing with the situation have been devised but they seem not to completely cure the disorder. Use of dry towels is the method many people use to dry sweat on their hands but still find it difficult to control the situation when the sheets become soaked by the sweat. A painless method of curing the condition have been discovered to assist the most affected people all over the world. It is an alternative to botox injection done for the same purpose of reducing sweating in both hands and the feet. Stimulated ions are made from passing through the sweat pore and assisting in blocking of the sweat pores to avoid lots of sweating.

Basically a person is supposed to put the hands or the feet in a basin that contains water. Treated water in the metal trays is related to some method with a weak battery. It is important to involve a technician in all this since there is involvement of current which could be fatal. By regulating the dials one is sure that the amount of present is not harmful to the people who are using it. It is entirely painless so the patient should of fear feeling pain or being affected in any way. Ions in the water are enabled by use of the weak electric current generated.

One of the advantages of this method is that once the ions get to the sweat gland they can block them and hence no sweat at all. When the problem arises again after sometimes the same process should be repeated so that the sweating is wholly blocked. Iontophoresis is the most widely used method for taming the problem of hand and feet sweating.

In case the skin feels irritated after undergoing the process one is advised to use Vaseline. It is possible to build an iontophoresis device at home when treatment of the condition feels expensive When the situation seems not to be going away it is better to consult a dermatologist to take care of the problem.

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